Spring air
in the company,

a whole other matter!


Seville Expo

The idea was born at the Expo in Seville, where an immense globe made up of crossed metal pipes with thousands of nozzles, sprayed water and made the surrounding area more than 15° C cooler, almost “Spring”.


TES Engineering’s BioCooling was created with the aim of responding to the need to improve the microclimate in the workplace requested by the customers.


SpringWind BioClimatization is born.


Thanks to international collaborations, the brand was adopted by large leading companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, leather tanning, steel production and more.


The challenge is aimed at energy saving, biocompatibility and the well-being of the worker at work trying to give effective solutions, fast, mobile and localized.
The focus remains creating a pleasant and productive environment at 100% all year, without the energy costs becoming a negativity of the company budget.

How many things you aren’t aware of can
improve your Company?

La BioClimatizzazione Industriale è una di queste.