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Psychological Results

Improves the mood of workers and internal relationships

Work area oxygenation with filtered external primary air

Pleasant and proactive work environment

Healthy and productive thermal microclimate, thanks to the elimination of natural filtering powders

Reduces the drops in attention

Dust elimination to breathe fresh and clean air and great change and oxygenation of indoor air

Increase of workers’ corporate reputation

A company that proves to think of its workers is a company for which its workers will always give their best

Result? Greater performance capacity

Not words but concrete facts

Tangible results

Healthy and clean air to breathe well at work

It cleans the air making it fresh, clean and totally renewed and not recycled as it happens in traditional air conditioning systems. Our systems effectively solve microclimate, oxygenation and pollution problems in the work environment.

Decreasing of suffocating temperatures guaranteeing an excellent humidity / temperature ratio

Over 24° C, productivity drops by 3.7% for each additional degree perceived and above 33° C even by 5% per degree. Already at 35° C ambient temperature, over 48% of productivity is lost … only with SpringWind™ your profit does not become VAPORIZED!

Careful operators, without accidents!

SpringWind™ is the source of well-being that increases attention. It reduces accidents at work and improves the positive attitude of the workers, reducing internal conflicts

Unbelievable energy consumption

Low energy consumption, ecological and green

Result? 100% Productivity, Always!

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